23rd MARCH, 7pm

Regrettably we have had to take the decision to cancel Elemental Force at Chatsworth tonight, Saturday 23rd March 2013, due to the bad weather. 

The snow and high winds would make it difficult to get to and from the site and to stage the event.

We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment this may cause.

Based in the heart of the Peak District, Chatsworth is the home of the duke and Duchess of Devonshire and has been passed down though 16 generations of the Cavendish family. The inspiring architecture, landscape and collection have been evolving for more than five centuries and it’s fascinating history has had an immense influence on the shape and people of the Peak District.

To find out more about Chatsworth house, garden, farmyard and adventure playground please visit

Access information for Chatsworth can be found here –

The Elemental Force performance site is on the south side of the house and is on the lawn via a grass slope.  Access to this part of the estate is by a wide, but quite long, gravel pathway. Chatsworth has a number of wheelchairs and mobility scooters which are available to hire free of charge, and should be booked in advance. Tel 01246 565300 for access support.

Why not include Elemental Force as part of a weekend in the Peak District

13 thoughts on “CHATSWORTH

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  4. I left this message on the welcome page on the 12/3/13 and have still not heard back! Please reply as we would love to come but we need access support.
    Is there a designated space at the Chatsworth event for those with disabilities? My partner has mobility problems and a severe brain injury, so has to be able to sit fro the event, and finds busy crowds hard to cope with – so we need to be in less hassled space. Do you provide chairs or do we need to bring our own, and will there be a space set aside for those with similar needs?
    I have to say considering the investment from public bodies I am extremely disappointed details on disability access are not automatically on your website. It is not comfortable putting this question up on your public website for all to see. We go to lots of big outdoors events and normally this detail is on the website with a direct contact line for support. Please think about those who may not be as physically able as you in the future and use some of the public investment to provide the direct phone line and other necessary support to those who have extra access needs. Or do you presume those with disabilities are just dull and don’t like events like this? I do hope not.

    • Thank you for drawing our attention to the omission of details about disabled access to the sites. This is a complete oversight and we apologise for this and also for not getting back to you sooner. We will get the information posted onto the website for the remaining 2 events and will contact you directly with specific arrangements for Chatsworth. Apologies again.

    • Hi.It’s too early to say. The producers of the show will now take stock and review what the future options are given the practicalities of the situation. We will keep you posted via the web/facebook/twitter with any news.

  5. Will you be doing the Chatsworth event at an other time this year?
    Do I need to keep my tickets?

    Thanks for your help.


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